My love for sports and living an active lifestyle started at an early age. Already at the age of 5, you could find me in the hockey arena and sports hall playing ice hockey and handball on a daily basis. This didn’t come out of the blue at all, considering the fact that I was born and raised into a sports family and an instinct to compete was awoken at a young age. Especially growing up with an older brother didn’t make things less easy, me wanting to keep up with him every day.

At the age of 11, I discovered my love for martial arts.
Ever since the first time I entered the club I never looked back and my top athlete life started for real only three years later. After many hours of training, a dream came true and I got selected to represent the Norwegian Taekwondo national team. The following 9 years became an extreme journey. Both positive and negative. It’s safe to say that a life consisting out of training 2 times a day, in which it was expected to give it your all every single time, creates a certain level of discipline. Holidays, birthdays, or going out no longer existed.

The life I had choosen, whole heartily, was extremely strict. But all those hours of training, stubbornness and never giving up turned me into one of the best female fighters in my weight class.  Sadly, being a top athlete goes hand in hand with high injury risk. In my story, this was also the case and I was forced to end my career.When one door closes, another opens and I went back to play handball. 10 beautiful sports years followed representing a local city team.

As mentioned before I am no stranger to injuries. Recovery and going through rehabilitation in order to get my body back on its old level was a painful price I was willing to pay. After many surgeries (hip, shoulder, hand) it started to become irresponsible to continue competing on a high level. My willingness to test the limits of my body always stayed and fitness was the answer.

An education as a personal trainer at the Norwegian Top athletes school in Oslo and later at the sports academy (name!!) was the next logical steps.
Fast-forwarding to today I truly believe that my studies, knowledge and more important experience based on the combination of all the sports I practiced, the injuries and surgeries, my mentality and my curiousness in weight training and fitness have not only taught me a lot. But can be of real worth for my clients.
To train smart and correct was and always will be the key to a better body.
Over the years, I’ve also learned never to compare myself with others. Getting to know your own body and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses is vital. I am my own motivator and so can you be! Our health is a number one priority that requires a life-long commitment, and small changes of your habbits is the key to success. This is exactly why I advocate for a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition, allowing you to enjoy life whilst still reaching for your goals and dreams.

This being said my mission is clear, share and help women with my knowledge regarding training and to live a healthy life. I want my girls to get the confidence to love themself and not getting lost in all the ”perfect” fitness social media that we get exposed to daily.
It’s not the reality and using my platform I will share my philosophy on how to live a happy realistic lifestyle.

My mantra? ”You don’t need to be great to start, you just need to start to be great and failing is better than not trying at all”. Together we can reach your goal. Are you ready?